Pro Tip: Larkin Bus Terminal!
Whilst there's no bus direct to Tioman of course, there are plenty of bus operators that take you all the way to Mersing, the jumping off point for the ferry to Tioman. If you've decided to take the bus, rather than taxi to Mersing, it's important to note that arriving in time is critical if you don't want to miss your ferry.

Book your bus or coach online
Book your bus or coach online

The ferry schedule between Mersing and Tioman tends to be not as fixed as most other ferry destinations and the reason is the fickle sea conditions around the Mersing river. In short, be sure you have plenty of time to spare upon arrival at Mersing Harbour Centre, particularly since there can be queues at the ferry ticket counter.

Pro Tip: Book your ferry tickets ahead of your arrival in Mersing, so you'll have your boarding passes in hand within a jiffy.

Mersing Harbour Centre

Luckily, now that we have Mersing Harbour Centre, there's plenty of things to do to spend the extra time you may have upon your arrival in Mersing and you have collected your boarding passes. Do some last-minute shopping, or enjoy a yummie local dish and a splendid cuppa at the Mersing Harbour Centre eatery, for example. Food and drinks are yummy and cheap.

A timely arrival at Mersing Harbour Centre is recommended to avoid missing the ferry
A timely arrival at Mersing Harbour Centre is recommended to avoid missing the ferry

Pro Tip: Did you bring enough sun-block? What about your mozzie spray? If not, Mersing Harbour Centre is the place to op up your must-haves. And get a big bottle of water whilst you're in the shop. It's always good to be hydrated.

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To book your bus tickets to Mersing, just select your departure location from the dropdown in the form below and enter your travel dates and number of passengers. Round-trip tickets are recommended, especially during the busy season. Happy motoring!

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