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Bluewater Mersing

Blue Water Express to Pulau Tioman

Planning a visit to the tropical paradise that is Pulau Tioman? The main mode of transport into Tioman is the ferry from Mersing.

It's a fairly quick hop, about two hours from departure to arrival and luggage limits are very generous.
Blue Water Mersing
Better yet, all the major Tioman villages are along this ferry's route, although Juara requires a taxi ride from Tekek.

Clearly, going to Tioman by ferry from Mersing is convenient and comfortable.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind.


Mersing's rivermouth is fairly shallow. In practice, this means that the ferry is only able to travel in and out of the harbour during high tide.

As a result, departure time tends to be dynamic, i.e. it's practically never the same time two days in a row, as it fluctuates more or less parallel to Mersing's tide.

In fact, even scheduled times remain subject to change, due to changes in weather and/or sea state.

This applies to the monsoon months in particular, November through to February, but, to a somewhat lesser extent, to the rest of the year too.

Ferry timing updates

These dynamic ferry times need not be a problem however, as passengers can stay up to date to any changes, either by Twitter or by contacting the ferry ticket provider in question.

That said, please note that not all ferry ticket providers offer these ferry schedule updates.

You can book your Tioman ferry tickets at any the following ticket providers:
  1. BOT
  2. Tioman Ferry
  3. TFT
Of these three, Tioman Ferry offers a Ferry Hotline, as well as ferry schedule updates on their dedicated @Tioman_Ferry twitter account.

This means that passengers who booked with this ticket provider can stay up to date to any ferry schedule changes.
Blue Water Mersing
Please note that as a result of this schedule update service, ticket pricing is a little higher at this ticket provider.

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